Nüür ☼ Khuudas

[FFXIV] Crystal - Mateus | est. 2015

Years in the Making

A sect of the vast Xaela Au Ra populous, Nüür Khuudas stands apart as an Eorzea-founded culmination of various tribes, named and unnamed alike. Though Dotharli led, in essence the tribe stands as a haven and guidepost for the wayward or longing children of the Dusk Mother and Dawn Father wanting to reclaim the blessings of their bearers, as well as those wanting to find peace among a communal whole. The tribe prides itself on keeping to the traditions of our kind as a whole, as well as adapting some rites and cultural aspects of the different tribes to make all feel part of their new home.

The tribe is Xaela dominant, however, Raen are known to be accepted under special circumstances. Each applicant is ENCOURAGED to seek their entry In-Character first.

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☼ Meet The Tribe

Nüür Khuudas is a reflection of its name- 'the start of one’s story'; whether taken in the literal sense of a player looking to delve into the Steppe tribal theme for the first time (or returning to it), or from the character’s standpoint in needing a fresh start from a life better left unspoken. The opportunity is here.

Though Steppe-based, some of our members are seasoned travelers that can be found in various reaches of the land, affording opportunities to explore, connect, and bond be it with other tribes or advantageous affiliation. But ‘Home’ is maintained in the cradle of the Azim Steppe.

How does one ‘meet’ a tribe member?Simply put, you can either arrange a meeting or set a scene of ‘discovery’. The more creative, the better!

Alongside providing a home for Xaela and Raen seeking a tribal atmosphere, we are looking for connections; be them temporary or longstanding. The more involved we can be within the community, the better. If interested, please speak with any of our contacts below.

...or you could show up at the Homestead! (In-Character)

We are NOT a 'Warrior of Light' TribeIt's understood that some players choose to adapt their characters to the WoL (Warrior of Light) storyline, and are free to do so at their own discretion. However, the Tribe AS A WHOLE does not reflect this in its daily activities or plot. No character is 'better' than the other by default, and all feats of strength and accomplishments are earned. Any that choose to entertain the 'WoL' perspective of events may do so OUTSIDE of Tribe activities. How you develop your stories are up to you (the player).

We ARE Lore-HeavyWe use the term 'heavy' rather than 'strict' to impress that yes, there are some variants in the universe that are left open to interpretation. However, if there is no LOGICAL basis for it, it is highly unlikely it will be received agreeably. This goes for how characters 'learn' their classes, conduct certain activities, or how they come to possess certain 'attributes'. During the interview process, a detailed OOC outline will be provided for better understanding, but please keep in mind that the conditions are made with the member base and you (that player) in mind. It isn't fun for anyone if you have to continuously explain 'how' or 'why' rather than 'do' and enjoy.

☼ Our Stories

It's understood that sometimes 'Slice-of-Life' needs some spice to break the daily routine. And while this doesn't always have to be in the form of complicated violence... it doesn't hurt to spruce up the mood!

Here, you will find records of Arcs and DM'd stories from within the Tribe. Some light, some existential, others not for the feint of heart.

Tales of a 'mature' or 'controversial' nature will be marked with [M].
Read at your own risk.

DM your Adventure!We welcome the efforts of New and Veteran storytellers and Dungeon Masters!

If you're new to running an event but would like to give it a go, reach out to the Officers or one of our designated DMs and we'll get you up and running!

☼ Demand and Supply

When: May 15th | 6pm CST
Where: Qerel Ilon - The Azim Steppe

As the Market approaches, ambitions raise high… as do the desperations of the ill-prepared. Merchants wake to find some of their wares taken, valuable wares merchandise missing, and livestock plucked from their pens. …and Nüür Khuudas was no exception. Track down the thieves and return the goods to their rightful vendors before the wares are made off with for an undeserved profit.

But it is doubtful these desperate souls are willing to let their pilfered goods go quietly.

+ Combat Structure

Event Participants
Warriors: 20HPHunters/Fighters: 15HPHealers: 10HP

Add the FIRST and SECOND numbers of your Roll (/random) to determine DMG (damage). The THIRD number determines success or failure. (3+ = success)TWO 'failures' evokes "Divine Blessing": The next attack will succeed.TWO successful attacks evokes "Thrill"; The next attack DMG is DOUBLE.

Only ONE can be invoked based on your role.Dodge/Brace after the initial ONE will be halved. (No more than THREE can be used)

The SECOND number of your roll (/random) = the heal amount. The THIRD number determines Heal Potency. (5+ = DOUBLE effectiveness)Area of Effect (AOE) heals follow this same math. (Limit 2)

☼ Might and Mettle

DM: Aegir

☼ Nuur Khuudas has been judged…

...and have been found unworthy of their place on the Steppes. So says the Mol on behalf of the elder gods. Siding with the Naadam victorious, the proud Oronir and their Budugan brothers seek to enforce this claim through challenge and force of will… and threat;

¤ “Have your land divided among the recognized tribes…”¤ “Your sons to the Buduga…”¤ “Your crafters interned by the Qestiri…”¤ “…and your horses to the true warriors of the Steppes.”¤ "It is not destruction the gods bid for, but Balance and Peace."
It is time for the tribe to turn inward for our strength, and beyond if necessary, to prove to the gods that we belong. That our place upon the Steppe is not without balance and reverence to our kin and patrons.

☼ The Yol Joust

☼ The Treasures of the Steppe

The Eyes of the Ancients:
Deep in the waters of the Wound, an underwater facility was discovered, along with a strange, alien-like apparition. The apparition seemed eager to gift the Nuur Khuudas with the object they sought, the Eyes of the Ancients.
During their voyage, they teamed up with a young Kojin, who had been lead to the Wound by a vision. He was compensated for their adventure with another item collected during the journey, given to him by Sal.

The Wings of the Ancients
Inside the caves of the Uyagir, the Xaela were educated on the Tribe's history. Having rejected all wordly possessions, the Uyagir cast their treasures into the Living Sand, where they believed the Giant Beetles the gods used to punish them first emerged. In exchange for this knowledge and gudiance to the Living Sands, the Uyagir bid that the Nuur Khuudas see if they could find the Giant Beetles within and ascern what their status was.

Inside the Living Sand, the Nuur Khuudas explored for some time, waking up several of the Gaint Beetles that slumbered within. They came in possession of the Wings of the Ancient, an old Uyagir treasure, and used its power to escape. The Wings were given to them by a strange, alien-like creature.

The Tongue of the Ancients:
At the House of Crooked Coin, the Nuur Khuudas were almost drawn into the bottomless hole that was the Dotharl's sacred suicide site. Resisting its temptations, Chakha was drawn away by a song like hum. Sal realized the hum came from machinery parts underneath the House of Crooked Coin. Harmonizing with the melody, Chakha activated a teleport that took them deep inside the House, into an Allagan site.
Active Allagan machinery still patrolled the site, but Chakha was able to reprogram and befriend a security drone with her song. The drone made cutting through the facility easy and they came in possession of the Tongue of the Ancients - a tuning fork brimming with the resonance of the machine noises inside the facility - by a strange, alien-like creature.
Backtracking, they discovered a disturbance. It was Dogshibe Oronir and some of the others. They had followed the Nuur Khuudas into the House, no doubt to sabotague their efforts. But they had been overwhelmed by the Allagan security machines. The Nuur Khuudas managed to save them and they teleported out.

On the day of the third trial, Alun and the boys showed up at the Dawn Throne, only to be denied passage by one of the Oronir. When Alun threatened the Oronir with her foreign pistol, the Oronir challenged her and the boys to a shooting competition. ...he was soundly defeated. In retribution, he broke his bow in half in front of them.

☼ The Final Challenge

Having proven their bravery in the Yol Joust, their resourcefulness in the Treasure Hunt, the only thing to challenge now was the Tribe's reknown. The Mol Elders set forth the challenge. Three enemies of the Nuur Khuudas would need to step forward and speak on their behalf. Because being acknowledged by ones allies was one thing, but a truly powerful tribe was also acknowledged by their rivals.

The Oronir from the Dawn Throne, now going by the name Broken Bow, stepped forward and spoke of Alun and the Nuur Khuudas' skills and valor. Dogshibe Oronir stepped forward next and spoke of Chakha and Sal's honor and power. Finally, a Kojin merchant stepped forward. Claiming to be a rival treasure hunter, he spoke of how the Nuur Khuudas protected his son in the waters of the Wound.

Entrusted with the three treasures, the Nuur Khuudas were released and their banners were welcome to be hung from the many flags of glorious tribes adorn over the Dawn Throne and Bardam's Mettle.

☼ The Tribe

The Leadership

o Khatagtai - (Matron | Khan | Lead Female)
A label which stands as the one who leads the whole tribe of Nüür Khuudas. Her position is without contest, refined and maintained through continued bouts of strength and will and a determination to see the whole of the tribe kept secure and prospering.

Born without a name, and still holds distantly to her 'given', Khantyer of the Dotharl stands as the head of Nüür Khuudas having ruled 'lone since its inception. Her philosophy is one of constant testing to the worth of those within, believing that not all strength is from the physical, but should be found and nurtured regardless. Though she often appears aloof or disinterested, even lazy, her focus is always on the well-being of her people.

o Ikh Ezen - (Master | Khan | Lead Male)
This is the mate to the Khatagtai and equal in command. This role is blessed to one that has taken the heart of the Khatagtai and has earned his place within the Tribe through care and trial. His position is without contest, preserved by his own strength and will, as he is to aid in the well-being of the Tribe as a whole and ensure the safety of those within alongside the Khatagtai.

IC/OOC requirements for this rank are closely kept among the Tribe Council.

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Khantyer Dotharl (Qalli)Galyn Ekh(Feb 26) 26th of the First Umbral Moon42+

The Tribe Council

The Council is composed of the Elders of the Tribe who not only have dwelt within the Tribe for the longest, but also carry out integral roles within the Tribe.

Additional Council positions can added on either an OOC or IC capacity.

o Khaalgachiin (Caretaker): xx
Skillful with crafting arts and of the land as well, the Khaalgachiiin stands as the epitome of the tradecraft arts (as well as keeping the tribe well-fed). It is for those that do not take to the field in battle, but to forage from the earth. They would better see their brothers and sisters tutored in forging wares by their own hands and guarding them and speak with the keeper to lend their aide.

o Surgagch (Warring Leader): Ahjier Urumet
There is no life without conflict, yet it is the role of the Surgagch to ensure that should there be a call to arms, they are there and will gather the fighters. A master of various arts; they will lend a hand to those in need. This trainer exhibits a balance between the physical and the arcane, that they may guide the willing (not necessarily the strongest) to aid their kin in arms.

o Akhmad (Elder Sibling) Chakha Qalli || Bukha Noykin
The secondary leading presence of the Heart and Body of the Tribe. Their insight both in and out of conflict is a cherished trait, one which is used to ease tribemates into roles that best fit their specialties. They are sought FIRST before the Leadership and are the last word in a conflict.

OOC Requirements: Must have been within the Tribe consecutively for 90+ days. Further conditions will be provided upon application.

☼ The Heart

o Baildagch - (Warring | Sentry | Defense)
Those of the Tribe known for their outstanding physical and offensive prowess. They are the first to stand in defense of their kin, and the last to leave the field.

Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
OOC Requirements: The applicant must have at least ONE Discipline of War/Magic class to lv.60 AND at least TWO alternate classes to lv.30+

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Alun AvagnarChötgör(June 9) 10th of the Third Umbral Moonxx
Salochin Eneerg (Qerel)Zorigtoi(Feb 13) 14th of the First Umbral Moon28
Chono Tumet (Dotharl)Delkhii Aav(Apr 22) 23rd of the Second Umbral Moon35
Ahjier Urumet (Dotharl)Unench Dol(Jan 22) 22nd of the First Astral Moon38

o Ajil (Resources | Tradecraft | Hunting)
If it's needed, it can be found. If it can be created, these able hands will make it so. It is the duty of the Ajil to anticipate the needs of the Tribe before they themselves realize it.

Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
OOC Requirements: The Applicant must have AT LEAST three Discipline of the Hand classes to lv.30+ OR all three Disciplines of the Land to lv.30+

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Usun AnguraGarögökh(--) 1st of the First Umbral Moon26
Bukha Noykin--(Jan 22) 22nd of the First Astral Moon27

o Tarialanch - (Well-being | Healers)
Healer's Clause
While most are known to have an understanding of how to feed and mend oneself, there are those that take the extra step to ensure the keep is in health and good spirits.

Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
OOC Requirements: The applicant must have ONE healing class to lv.60 AND either Culinarian or Alchemist to lv.30+

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Juliasra HanaGal Tüüimer(July 11) 11th of the Fourth Astral Moon28
Chakha QalliDüü ni Mod(Feb 13) 14th of the First Umbral Moon24

☼ The Body

(c) Chakha Qalli

o Akh Düü (Siblings)
The general body of the Tribe. These are the recognized among the whole and are embraced whole-heartedly as Brother and Sister. While this is mainly reserved for the Tribe, others with positive connections with Nüür Khuudas are able to obtain this rank.

Rites Completed: Rite of Entry.

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Qamui Buduga------
Odoki Dalamiq------
Ghazan Dotharl----27
Sendrel Dotharl------
Narangerel TumetÖgöömör Dalain(Sept 28) 29th of the Fifth Astral Moon20+

o Khudaldaachin (Merchants | Traders | Travelers)
Amiable merchants and traders that have adopted the Tribe banner. These souls have proved themselves friend or beneficiary to the well-being of the whole, and are justly rewarded with trade and materials needed for their continued pursuits.

OOC Requirements: You do NOT have to be in the Tribe to obtain this rank/title. However, while on the Tribe grounds, our rules and hierarchy MUST be observed. This title represents an affiliation with Nüür Khuudas and can be revoked if it brings disorder.

Name☼ ProfessionNamesdayAge
Khalja AnguraImport/Export----
Khalja MankhadTrader/Fisher----

o Khüükhed (Children)
Any orphaned child that has been embraced by the Tribe. Regardless of independent player or canon-tribe dictations, an individual is considered a child until they reach sixteen years of age (IC).

Disclaimer: This notation does NOT mean that the Tribe will consider the individual as an 'adult'. Both player and character MUST be eighteen (18) years of age. This is non-negotiable.

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge | Gender
Zi'batu BudugaLittle Warrior(--) --11 | Male
Aegirbaatar DotharlLittle Flame(--) --12 | Male
Bragaltan OronirLittle Sun(--) --11 | Male
Mohmmubayan QestirLittle Hand(--) --11 | Male

o Gölög (Infant | Toddlers)
The young born within the Tribe and cared for by the whole. At times, it will be the responsibility of those within to look after the young in place of their birthing parent.

Disclaimer: These are generally NPC'd by the Parents or players given permission to do so.

Name☼ ParentageNamesdayGender
Haruko HanaJuliasra Hana(--) --Female
Ganerüü DotharlKhantyer | Ahjier Dotharl(Jan. 4) --Male
Ganakh UrumetKhantyer | Ahjier Dotharl(Jan. 4) --Male
Khirtelt DotharlKhantyer | Ahjier Dotharl(Jan. 4) --Female
--- TumetKhantyer | Chono Tumet(Apr. 13) --Female
--- DotharlKhantyer | Chono Tumet(Apr. 13) --Female

☼ Rites and Trials

Our Trials

What sets our Tribe apart from others is that we encourage members and interested parties to undertake various Rites and Trials to earn their name and position among the whole. It allows for even the timid of the uncertain to assume a proactive role in the populous be it by exhibiting their own strengths or overcoming their weaknesses through determination and, at times, help from their fellow soul.

o Trial of Perserverance
You must prove your drive for survival in the lands by running from the mountains of the northeast of the Great Steppes to the Southern Desert. You can’t use beasts, magic, or aether to travel in any form. You must bring proof of your treading of each area to be seen by the tribal elders and approved.
IC: 'Proof' for this rite must come in the form of in-game items that can be found in the visited regions.
o Trial of Constitution
You must fight your way through enemies on foot to the highest peak of the lands; the Whales Crown. Once there, you must meditate for 3 days with no food or drink reflecting on things about you and the experiences during that time. When you are feeling inner peace, you then paint the scene before you and present it to the tribe. Protect the painting during your return.
IC: The applicant is considered 'missing' for three consecutive days.
o Trial of Harmony
Find a quiet place, one you find intimately familiar in nature. Listen to the world and the sounds it creates. After a single passing of the sun, using what you have heard around you, form a song, poem, or other metered hymnal and recite it, with clarity and voice, to the tribe.
IC: Preferably an original composition, but any OOC reference can be used and recited In-Character
o Trial of Fire
One must go into the great woods and seek 3 logs of 3 yalms in length. One will set them into a triangle fashion reaching toward the heavens. You must place branches of ashen wood, no less than 18 ilms from post to post until the logs are encircled by them. Within the structure, one must place an effigy of your greatest personal demon then gather 9 items that attach you the land and sky.
Then, you must gather the tribe and present your demon. Explain its presence in your life; then burn the demon to show your willingness to fight it. During the burning, you will recite the demons name and how you will bring it to heel. As you dance about the fire, show each of your personal items in turn, and then toss them into the fire to ask the land to give you the strength to keep the demon down.

Our Rites

o Rite of Entry
A straightforward declaration of intent to join the Tribe. The applicant is required to speak with a member of the Tribe Council for their ‘task’ to be recognized by the Tribe. Once completed, they are officially named Akh Düü (Sibling) and are embraced by the Tribe more fully. Akh Düü is then able to undertake The Rite of Naming to cement their place among Nüür Khuudas.

o Rite of Naming
Each are given a name they are born with, but this rite allows for an individual to carry a name they earn. Tasks are given to coincide with an individual's affinity, interest, hobby, or even by unorthodox means in order to express before the whole -who- they are. Upon completion, the individual is reborn under their Tribal name and written in the tribe texts.

o Rite of Fortitude
A prerequisite for all wanting to be recognized as Baildagch, but it can be taken by anyone to show their prowess in combat and defense. By either the behest of the Khatagtai or the Surgagch, the individual will be required to face a chosen few among the Tribe in combat. While assumed to be a rite of endurance, the take from this endeavor is based on the individual's perception.

☼ Courtship | Mateship

Perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of Role Play, is having a long term commitment (or even short-term!) reach fruition. As a Tribe, the growth of the community correlates with the growth of its members, which means companionship and eventually children! Ours is no different, however we do have some stipulations in the hopes of allowing each couple and aspiring parent to have their moment of happiness without lessening the light from another's.

Rite of Courting

A blessing by a member of the Tribe Council or the Khatagtai herself, followed by a public announcement of intent. Once the criteria has been met, tribemates are permitted to express their intention even if it is to someone OUTSIDE of the Tribe.

[OOC] The couple MUST have been within the Tribe no less than 30 days and have an ACTIVE participation record. In the instance of a relathionship outside of the Tribe, the other MUST have been in attendance of Tribe functions. (Casual gatherings are fine!)[OOC] The couple must have no less than 3 recorded encounters together. (No sense saying you're 'with' someone if you can't prove it!)[IC] The couple must have COMPLETED the Rite of Entry and Rite of Naming. In the instance of a relationship outside of the Tribe, the other needs only to have completed the Rite of Entry.[IC] The couple (or individual in the instance of a relationship outside of the Tribe) MUST be fitted into a Tribe sect.[IC] If a member within the Tribe or an outside source DOES NOT approve and seeks to contest the Courtship, they are PERMITTED to do so with the understanding that they must fight for their claim. (How it is determined is up to the involved parties.)If it seems like you're jumping through hoops, it's because you are. Time and effort can go into cultivating even a fictional relationship. These hurdles are to ensure that both parties have an understanding of their potential development. For better or worse.

Rite of First Mate

Perhaps the most revered rite among the Tribe, and certainly the most momentous for those involved. Not only is it an acknowledgment of love and fidelity between the united, but it serves as an example of what others may aspire towards in their pursuit of love.
Yes, you CAN have more than one mate within the Tribe, however only ONE may take the honor of the First. This ceremony can only be completed ONCE.

o The Dowry As is the tradition for the suitor to present a statement of 'wealth' to the family of their intended, so is the suitor of the other's hand required to present their wealth before the Tribe. As 'Mother' to Nüür Khuudas, the Khatagtai will receive the prepared dowry UNLESS the intended's female caretaker is present.

o Cleansing of the Soul It is 'simple' to renounce past loves to oneself, but another to do so before their betrothed. As a testament of their love and willingness to forsake all overs, the pair are required to write and say aloud the past loves they banish from their hearts in order to make room for their intended, wholly and completely. The written names are then burned and cast to rest as ashes in the khaal.

o Trading of the Scale In lieu of crafted trinkets that can be lost or stolen at another's whim, the Trading of Scales further cements the bond of love and loyalty through an exchange of the betroth's living scales. Once fulfilled and seen to by a Tarialanch, a prayer is uttered to the Elder gods to bless and complete their union.

Anticipating starting a family In-Character? Have a look at our Pregnancy Conditions.

☼ Our Word

Rules are an essential part of every structure to ensure that everyone is aware of the policies and tolerances of the group they wish to be a part of. Please keep in mind that 'we' on the whole are not perfect, and that some policies can be amended to reflect the changing times. However, this does not mean that ALL points are subject to negotiation, and it is to the discretion of the staff body to either refute or accept external conditions.

The rules are in place to maintain a fun, drama-free RP and PvE/PvP environment. The rules apply to actions performed in-game and/or the Discord channels. You will be asked to agree to them during your entrance interview. By agreeing to the rules, you accept that breaking them may result in removal from the Free Company, and in some cases, there will be no warning given if the offense is severe.

☼ Active Membership

  • Currently, there is no member cap. We do accept character alternates (alts), but no more than TWO per main character account. (In essence, you could have up to THREE characters in the Tribe.)

  • Tribe rites (especially the Rite of Entry) are essential for character development and intra-tribe progression. We will not track you down! You are responsible for your own character progression.

☼ Respect

  • Hateful or violent speech of any type will NOT be tolerated. This includes imagery or content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, spiteful, invasive of personal privacy, or objectionable in a reasonable person's view [x].

  • Slandering your fellow tribe members or the tribe itself will NOT be tolerated [1].

  • While not all within the tribe are guaranteed to get along, be aware of the IC/OOC line and do not let IC actions cause OOC tension [x].

  • Treat others with respect outside the tribe, in duties, and other instances [1].

☼ No Drama

  • Do not perpetuate drama or gossip. Being the source of constant drama (mainly pertaining to OOC activities that conversely affect in-game) will NOT be tolerated [1].

☼ Read the Room

  • On the whole, Nüür Khuudas is an OOC 18+ free company, which means the members within are expected at act with a reasonable level of maturity and a level-head.

  • Know when 'jokes' are appropriate and when they are not [1].

  • Keep political and controversial topics OUT of the FC chat or Discord [1].

  • While we do not allow underaged persons in the FC out of character, there ARE in character children. Any underaged illicit activities or even tasteless joking in regards to persons underaged is NOT permitted [x].

  • Know when to 'let go'. No one wants to be 'wrong', but disagreements happen. Drawn out disagreements will not be tolerated [1].

☼ No 'White Knights'

If you have a problem with something another FC member, or even players outside of the company, that you believe that violated your play-comfort, speak to an OFFICER (Juliasra or Ahjier) with proof in hand immediately. DO NOT bypass the Officers when a complaint must be made. We'll do our best to get to the bottom of things, and you can remain anonymous.
That said, you are able to try and alleviate a situation that you are PERSONALLY involved with if you comfortably feel you have the fortitude, but we highly discourage any charging towards offending parties, especially without substantial evidence. Remember; your actions do reflect on the Tribe when you carry our tag.

[x] No warning; Removal | [1] First and Final Warning | [0] Advisement

☼ Roleplay Etiquette

o Proof Yourself: To some, Roleplaying is a truly immersive experience, and nothing breaks that immersion more than broken or coded grammar and spelling. Sometimes typos happen, but excessive carelessness over a long period of time will eventually be grounds for removal as it cheapens others' experiences. Take the time to look over your posts, or know when you are 'too tired' to respond. It's alright to take a break!

o Respect Consent: Metagaming (using OOC information to manipulate a situation ICly, or your knowledge of something becoming your character's knowledge without the character having reason to know it) and God-moding (forcing your IC or OOC will upon someone else's character without their consent, or performing an action on another character without it being an 'attempt') will NOT be tolerated [1].
If the player says 'no', even if you personally do not feel it is justified, then respect the 'no' and move on. If it is a matter of 'fairness' (depending on the context of the scene, please bring it to an Officer's attention.

o Know 'The Line': Maintaining the IC/OOC Line is an important part of being a roleplayer. We implore members not to take In-Character actions to heart, especially if an outcome is not what you (the player) would like. Conflict and (IC) drama is part of character development. But if you feel yourself toeing that line, feel free to speak with an Officer, or if you feel more comfortable, talk with a friend. [0].

o Activity: Nüür Khuudas on the whole is a Slice-of-Life Free Company, which means that even though we do have tasks that members can fulfill, activity comes from character and player motivation. 'We' will not hold your hand for you, nor will we force you to interact. But if you choose to stand on the side during events or activities then claim that there is 'nothing' to do or that you're not receiving attention, it is out of our hands. Be the result that you want to see. [0].

[x] No warning | [1] First and Final Warning | [0] Advisement

☼ Tarialanch Responsibilities

If a tribe member is injured, any treatment beyond immediate first aid should be attended to by a Tarialanch. If necessary, pause the RP and attempt to contact a Tarialanch ; the purpose of the rank is to assist in such circumstances. Depending on the time of day, resolution of the scene may have to take place in Discord. If for some reason no Tarialanch are available and exigent circumstances exist that prevent pausing the current scene, other members may be permitted to treat the injury but they MUST report to a Tarialanch or the Khaalgachiin as soon as possible.If you are planning an RP event or scene where injury is likely, please consider giving an OOC heads up to the Tarialanch to be ready to respond.
Tarialanch are responsible for keeping the kitchen organized and tidy. Other members of the Tribe making using of the kitchen are asked to respect this or be (ICly) barred from the use of the kitchen.For immersion purposes, injuries may require a stay in the infirmary or clinic. Please be willing to discuss these with your treating Tarialanch to reach an acceptable way to handle them In-Character. If no agreement can be reached, bring the matter to the Khaalgachiin's attention and they will decide. In such a case, the Khaalgachiin's decision is final and is expected to be respected by all parties involved.

☼ Allies and Connections

Out of Character

  • While in the Discord chat and other OOC interactions involving the tribe, avoid political or controversial commentary. We all have opinions on the world at large, but an RP environment is not the place to do it. We are here to have fun and relax, not to impose our personal/political agendas on others.

  • All questions, concerns, and suggestions are to go through the Tribe Council and/or the Discord Moderator. At times, we’ll have issues in the moment that we’d like to address, but in order to keep disagreements from growing, if you feel vexed, address an Officer FIRST.

  • We (the Free Company as a whole) have ZERO tolerance for any underaged illicit activities. Any hinting, inappropriate jokes, or plots involving unsavory underaged material will be met with immediate dismissal.

  • Guests are responsible for their OWN actions and conflicts. Praise and consequences will be dealt with without bias. (In other words, just because you’re someone’s friend does not mean their reputation will cover ‘you’ (our visitor/guest)

In Character

  • All weapons WILL be taken at the threshold of the Homestead. There will be no negotiations. If you (the character) will not surrender your weapon, you will not cross into the Tribe’s territory. If you are found with a weapon after search, you (the character) will be barred from future entry regardless of affiliations with members within the Tribe

  • Poaching is not tolerated. Stealing from the Tribe’s grazing herds will be met with SEVERE hostility.

  • You (the character) are a guest and will be treated with the same courtesy as is given. If you are a jerk, you will be treated like a jerk. If you are courteous, you will be treated kindly in turn. If you approached the Tribe with an intention of pursuing individuals to filch or grow/establish a harem, you (the character) will be met with considerable force and likely thrown out of the territory.

  • Conflict is a part of character development, however, if you (the player) intend to establish some kind of ‘war’ or opposition against the Tribe for whatever reason, please make it known to an Officer (OOCly) or our Event Coordinator. This part of the Roleplay can be fun! But it’s not fun if people feel they are getting the raw end of the deal.

  • Trade is always welcomed! However, if you approach the Tribe in want, expect to give something of equal or beneficial value in return.