Nüür ☼ Khuudas

[FFXIV] Crystal - Mateus | est. 2015

Years in the Making

A sect of the vast Xaela Au Ra populous, Nüür Khuudas stands apart as an Eorzea-founded culmination of various tribes, named and unnamed alike. Though Dotharli led, in essence the tribe stands as a haven and guidepost for the wayward or longing children of the Dusk Mother and Dawn Father wanting to reclaim the blessings of their bearers, as well as those wanting to find peace among a communal whole. The tribe prides itself on keeping to the traditions of our kind as a whole, as well as adapting some rites and cultural aspects of the different tribes to make all feel part of their new home.

The tribe is Xaela dominant, however, Raen are known to be accepted under special circumstances. Each applicant is ENCOURAGED to seek their entry In-Character first.

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☼ Meet The Tribe

Nüür Khuudas is a reflection of its name- 'the start of one’s story'; whether taken in the literal sense of a player looking to delve into the Steppe tribal theme for the first time (or returning to it), or from the character’s standpoint in needing a fresh start from a life better left unspoken. The opportunity is here.

Though Steppe-based, some of our members are seasoned travelers that can be found in various reaches of the land, affording opportunities to explore, connect, and bond be it with other tribes or advantageous affiliation. But ‘Home’ is maintained in the cradle of the Azim Steppe.

How does one ‘meet’ a tribe member?Simply put, you can either arrange a meeting or set a scene of ‘discovery’. The more creative, the better!

Alongside providing a home for Xaela and Raen seeking a tribal atmosphere, we are looking for connections; be them temporary or longstanding. The more involved we can be within the community, the better. If interested, please speak with any of our contacts below.

...or you could show up at the Homestead! (In-Character)

We are NOT a 'Warrior of Light' TribeIt's understood that some players choose to adapt their characters to the WoL (Warrior of Light) storyline, and are free to do so at their own discretion. However, the Tribe AS A WHOLE does not reflect this in its daily activities or plot. No character is 'better' than the other by default, and all feats of strength and accomplishments are earned. Any that choose to entertain the 'WoL' perspective of events may do so OUTSIDE of Tribe activities. How you develop your stories are up to you (the player).

We ARE Lore-HeavyWe use the term 'heavy' rather than 'strict' to impress that yes, there are some variants in the universe that are left open to interpretation. However, if there is no LOGICAL basis for it, it is highly unlikely it will be received agreeably. This goes for how characters 'learn' their classes, conduct certain activities, or how they come to possess certain 'attributes'. During the interview process, a detailed OOC outline will be provided for better understanding, but please keep in mind that the conditions are made with the member base and you (that player) in mind. It isn't fun for anyone if you have to continuously explain 'how' or 'why' rather than 'do' and enjoy.

☼ The Tribe

The Leadership

o Khatagtai - (Matron | Khan | Lead Female)
A label which stands as the one who leads the whole tribe of Nüür Khuudas. Her position is without contest, refined and maintained through continued bouts of strength and will and a determination to see the whole of the tribe kept secure and prospering.

Born without a name, and still holds distantly to her 'given', Khantyer of the Dotharl stands as the head of Nüür Khuudas having ruled 'lone since its inception. Her philosophy is one of constant testing to the worth of those within, believing that not all strength is from the physical, but should be found and nurtured regardless. Though she often appears aloof or disinterested, even lazy, her focus is always on the well-being of her people.

o Ikh Ezen - (Master | Khan | Lead Male)
This is the mate to the Khatagtai and equal in command. This role is blessed to one that has taken the heart of the Khatagtai and has earned his place within the Tribe through care and trial. His position is without contest, preserved by his own strength and will, as he is to aid in the well-being of the Tribe as a whole and ensure the safety of those within alongside the Khatagtai.

IC/OOC requirements for this rank are closely kept among the Tribe Council.

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Khantyer Dotharl (Qalli)Galyn Ekh(Feb 26) 26th of the First Umbral Moon42+

The Tribe Council

The Council is composed of the Elders of the Tribe who not only have dwelt within the Tribe for the longest, but also carry out integral roles within the Tribe.

Additional Council positions can added on either an OOC or IC capacity.

o Khaalgachiin (Caretaker): xx
Skillful with crafting arts and of the land as well, the Khaalgachiiin stands as the epitome of the tradecraft arts (as well as keeping the tribe well-fed). It is for those that do not take to the field in battle, but to forage from the earth. They would better see their brothers and sisters tutored in forging wares by their own hands and guarding them and speak with the keeper to lend their aide.

o Surgagch (Warring Leader): Ahjier Urumet
There is no life without conflict, yet it is the role of the Surgagch to ensure that should there be a call to arms, they are there and will gather the fighters. A master of various arts; they will lend a hand to those in need. This trainer exhibits a balance between the physical and the arcane, that they may guide the willing (not necessarily the strongest) to aid their kin in arms.

o Akhmad (Elder Sibling) xx || xx
The secondary leading presence of the Heart and Body of the Tribe. Their insight both in and out of conflict is a cherished trait, one which is used to ease tribemates into roles that best fit their specialties. They are sought FIRST before the Leadership and are the last word in a conflict.

OOC Requirements: Must have been within the Tribe consecutively for 90+ days. Further conditions will be provided upon application.

☼ The Heart

o Baildagch - (Warring | Sentry | Defense)
Those of the Tribe known for their outstanding physical and offensive prowess. They are the first to stand in defense of their kin, and the last to leave the field.

Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
OOC Requirements: The applicant must have at least ONE Discipline of War/Magic class to lv.60 AND at least TWO alternate classes to lv.30+

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Alun AvagnarChötgör(June 9) 10th of the Third Umbral Moonxx
Salochin Eneerg (Qerel)Zorigtoi(Feb 13) 14th of the First Umbral Moon28
Chono Tumet (Dotharl)Delkhii Aav(Apr 22) 23rd of the Second Umbral Moon35
Ahjier Urumet (Dotharl)Unench Dol(Jan 22) 22nd of the First Astral Moon 

o Ajil (Resources | Tradecraft | Hunting)
If it's needed, it can be found. If it can be created, these able hands will make it so. It is the duty of the Ajil to anticipate the needs of the Tribe before they themselves realize it.

Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
OOC Requirements: The Applicant must have AT LEAST three Discipline of the Hand classes to lv.30+ OR all three Disciplines of the Land to lv.30+

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Usun AnguraGarögökh(--) 1st of the First Umbral Moon26
Sarnai EjinnDegjingerel(Mar 24) 24th of the Third Astral Moon25
Bukha Noykin--(Jan 22) 22nd of the First Astral Moon27
Narangerel TumetÖgöömör Dalain(Sept 28) 29th of the Fifth Astral Moonxx

o Tarialanch - (Well-being | Healers)
Healer's Clause
While most are known to have an understanding of how to feed and mend oneself, there are those that take the extra step to ensure the keep is in health and good spirits.

Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
OOC Requirements: The applicant must have ONE healing class to lv.60 AND either Culinarian or Alchemist to lv.30+

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge
Lugan Avagnar--(Dec 27) 27th of the Sixth Umbral Moon36
Juliasra HanaGal Tüüimer(July 11) 11th of the Fourth Astral Moon28
Chakha QalliDüü ni Mod(Feb 13) 14th of the First Umbral Moon24

☼ The Body

(c) Chakha Qalli

o Akh Düü (Siblings)
The general body of the Tribe. These are the recognized among the whole and are embraced whole-heartedly as Brother and Sister. While this is mainly reserved for the Tribe, others with positive connections with Nüür Khuudas are able to obtain this rank.

Rites Completed: Rite of Entry.

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge

o Khüükhed (Children)
Any orphaned child that has been embraced by the Tribe. Regardless of independent player or canon-tribe dictations, an individual is considered a child until they reach sixteen years of age (IC).

Disclaimer: This notation does NOT mean that the Tribe will consider the individual as an 'adult'. Both player and character MUST be eighteen (18) years of age. This is non-negotiable.

Name☼ Tribe NameNamesdayAge | Gender
Zi'batu BudugaLittle Warrior(--) --11 | Male
Aegirbaatar DotharlLittle Flame(--) --12 | Male
Bragaltan OronirLittle Sun(--) --11 | Male
Mohmmubayan QestirLittle Hand(--) --11 | Male

o Gölög (Infant | Toddlers)
The young born within the Tribe and cared for by the whole. At times, it will be the responsibility of those within to look after the young in place of their birthing parent.

Disclaimer: These are generally NPC'd by the Parents or players given permission to do so.

Name☼ ParentageNamesdayGender
Haruko HanaJuliasra Hana(--) --Female
Ganerüü DotharlKhantyer | Ahjier Dotharl(--) --Male
Ganakh UrumetKhantyer | Ahjier Dotharl(--) --Male
Khirtelt DotharlKhantyer | Ahjier Dotharl(--) --Female